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Upholstered in FIBREGUARD FABRIC Stain FREE Technology
Have you always wanted a Chesterfield sofa but did not want to invest in leather?
Born Furniture has partnered with Home Fabrics and their signature FibreGuard fabric collection to upholster the latest addition to our Chesterfield family...

The Aquillius Chesterfield sofa is named after Manlius Aquillius. A man of great influence who made his wealth by bringing people and countries together for a bigger cause, enabling him to make his mark in history. In 90 BC Manlius Aquillius was sent to restore Nicomedes and Ariobarzanes to their thrones. He enabled Egypt, Syria, provinces of Asia, Greece, Italy, and AFRICA to stand together in a united front.

As a tribute to the victory of Manlius Aquillius, we are bringing brands together to enthrone you with the luxury you deserve.

The Aquillius Chesterfield is build on the old traditional ways of frame making. This Vintage tufted sofa comes with a heritage frame and is upholstered in Stain Free Technology Fabric from the FibreGuard Collection. 
Born Furniture Client Reviews
Just want to thank you for my beautiful Chesterfield design couch 
It came out better than my expectations!!! I absolutely love it
Thank you so much for your excellent service and outstanding workmanship
Thank you Born Furniture for adding to our sophisticated man-cave! 
The leather Chesterfields add the punch to our male ego! Our Customers cant stop raving about it! 
Loza - Henok Yegsawh
Good day thank you so much. We really enjoy the couch it’s amazing and most of our clients are asking as about it and we give them your address actually we are using the couch for our store in midrand.
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